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7 brainy tips for back-to-school success

Back-to-school time is often a mixture of sadness and relief for parents. Sad because your child is one year older, possibly starting a new phase (like kindergarten or middle school), and happy because your kids are now off to school…

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Below You Can Find A List Of Lunches That Is A Hit With My Young Teenage Boys! (and I Have Provided Some Recipes To Help). Try Them Out And Let Me Know If They Become Favourites With Your Kids Too!

School Lunch Ideas

(With our kids heading back to school next week, I thought I would repost these suggestions for the lunchbox that first appeared in my blog last September. Please let me know if your child likes any of these recipes! -…

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Homemade Pizza

Friday night is often pizza night in our house. But it's not take out... I have been making my own pizza from scratch for many years now, and would have a difficult time eating those takeout "salt lick" pies. Our…

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Our Environment Is Toxic! Pretty Scary When You Hear Those Words, But The Reality Is We Are Exposing Ourselves And Our Children To More And More Toxicity Every Day. We Should Take Every Opportunity To Reduce That Exposure.

Reduce your Toxic Load!

Our environment is toxic! Pretty scary when you hear those words, but the reality is we are exposing ourselves and our children to more and more toxicity every day. We should take every opportunity to reduce that exposure. It can cause a…

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Now That The Gardens Are Ripe For Harvest, It Is Time To Start Your Fall Meal Planning And Create Healthy Lunches And Dinners For Yourself And Your Kids.

Fall Meal Planning

Now that the gardens are ripe for harvest, it is time to start your fall meal planning and create healthy lunches and dinners for yourself and your kids. Set a goal to feed your kids real food for two weeks and see…

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