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Lisa George, R.H.N. |
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Lavender Vinegar Household Cleaner

My favorite all-purpose cleaner I make my own cleaner. I’m sure many can take credit for this but I found this particular recipe from The Daily Connoisseur Blog. This cleaner is simple and cheap, it’s not harmful to yourself or…

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Make your own toothpaste!

In case you haven't noticed there's a lot of talk these days about toothpaste and the ingredients in them that may be toxic. Because I am aware of this I sometimes pick up a natural toothpaste product for my family.…

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Our Environment Is Toxic! Pretty Scary When You Hear Those Words, But The Reality Is We Are Exposing Ourselves And Our Children To More And More Toxicity Every Day. We Should Take Every Opportunity To Reduce That Exposure.

Reduce your Toxic Load!

Our environment is toxic! Pretty scary when you hear those words, but the reality is we are exposing ourselves and our children to more and more toxicity every day. We should take every opportunity to reduce that exposure. It can cause a…

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