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Sporty Recipes!

Sporty Recipes!

After a weekend away at a hockey tournament and then returning home on Superbowl Sunday, healthy eating was definitely thrown out the window for our family! Hockey families will tell you it’s a ritual to have chips, cookies and pizza throughout a tournament weekend. And then returning home on Superbowl Sunday, all the boys could think about was football grub.

So, I tried to come up with something that would please them as well as me, and make up for a weekend of poor eating! I decided on three dishes to add variety and keep everyone happy.

The Beef Fajitas were quick and delicious and a hit with everyone. I marinated the beef for about an hour while I was cooking everything else, and the marinating infused the beef with a lovely hint of lime. I think this marinate would be equally delicious with chicken.

The French Onion Soup was some good! It took a bit of time because of the slicing and cooking of the onions, but certainly not onerous. For me, it was a perfect end to a weekend at a cold rink. Topped with toasted French bread and grated Swiss cheese it certainly warmed our bellies.

The Bok Choy dish of course ranked 3rd, but everyone gave it a try. Personally, I thought it was delicious and as far as preparation is concerned, you really can’t get much simpler. It takes no more than 10 –15 minutes to chop and cook this delicious and healthy side dish.

I hope you pull out one of these recipes to try this week!

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