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Give The Gift Of Health This Christmas!

Give the Gift of Health this Christmas!

Do you know of a Mom who wants to feed her family “real food” but doesn’t know where to begin? A Family Nutrition Package just might be that perfect gift for her!

“Wading through all the information on the Internet can be a daunting task for Moms. There are many sites that teach what it means to eat wholesome and nutrient dense foods, but unfortunately their approach is often strict and overwhelming. I want to simplify things for people and get them started on healthy living plan that doesn’t cost a fortune. I believe that food should be enjoyable and not add stress to already stressful lives,” says Lisa.

Gifting the Family Nutrition Package is passing along a nutritional plan for a family that is serious about making healthy lifestyle changes.

The Family Nutrition Package teaches:

  • what real food is and how to make the switch
  • how to plan menus, save money, eat healthy, and reduce kitchen prep time
  • ways for picky eaters to try new foods
  • about good fats, bad fats, sweeteners, different grains
  • and more!

This package, which costs $120.00, is like a nutrition crash course wrapped up in two, one hour sessions and will help families establish a healthy living plan. It can be done over Skype, phone, or, if local, in person.

Does this sound like something you would like to add to your gift list? Or, do you know of a family who would benefit? Contact Lisa to order your attractive coupon today, and print it off just in time for Christmas!

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