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Six Weeks To Feeling Good!

Six Weeks to Feeling Good!

The best way to feel good and maintain a healthy weight
I have something to tell you that is really good news and if followed correctly, you will feel good and maintain a healthy weight and be well on your way to positive lifestyle changes. It’s not difficult, but it does take a positive attitude and a bit of effort.

Pick six weeks where you can concentrate on this one thing and if at the end of six weeks you don’t notice a difference, then there might be something else happening in your body that needs to be addressed.

Want to know the secret?
Eat real foods.
Yes, it’s that simple.

Making dinner while eating real foods can be as easy as 1-2-3! To break things down for you, just think about your three macro-nutrients and let them guide you whenever you eat:

  • a protein
  • a carbohydrate (fiber)
  • a healthy fat

That’s it. Sounds doable, right?  Now all you need is some ideas to get you thinking about meals and snacks with those three macr-onutrients. Here are a few to get you going.

  • Protein – a roast of meat of your preference, fish, beans, legumes, eggs, nuts, seeds
  • Carbohydrate – all kinds of vegetables, fruit, oats and oatmeal, brown rice, seeds, nuts, quinoa, chia seeds, sweet potatoes, lentils
  • Fat – coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, full fat yogurt, fatty fish, nuts, seeds

The important thing to remember is you need to pay attention to the amount you’re eating. If you decide to have a meatless meal, pair the quinoa (protein) with a salad (carbs) and sliced avocado (fat) and you have a macronutrient balanced, nutrient rich, simple meal. Or, for a meat lovers meal, make a roast chicken (protein), with roasted sweet potato, red peppers, and onions, (carbohydrate), tossed with some olive oil (fat), lemon juice and sea salt. Easy, delicious and healthy!

Obviously, depending on whether you have food sensitivities or allergies, whether you’re a carnivore or a vegetarian, and also depending on your food preferences, the foods chosen will differ for each person.

But what about weight loss?
Try to eat this way, keeping things simple and leaving out all processed food and junk food for six weeks. It might not take this long for everyone to notice a difference but it’s a good guideline to feel results both physically and emotionally.  Also, pick a form of exercise that you enjoy and are committed to doing at least three times a week. If you’re currently not doing anything, then start small. Even just getting out for a daily walk will make a huge difference in your mental and physical state.

Don’t notice a difference after six weeks?
If you don’t notice a difference, then something else needs to be addressed. Maybe you have some food sensitivities that you’ve never known about, causing inflammation in your body.

If you eat real foods, cut out junk and highly processed foods, and you exercise, you should be able to maintain your weight. However, if you do this and you’re not seeing results, then consider seeking out someone to help. A holistic nutritionist can provide simple guidance for what is not functioning well and will work with you to correct it. This service could change your life!

So get out your calendar, circle six weeks, make a meal plan, and get started!

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