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Berry Breakfast Crisp

Berry Breakfast Crisp

I call this a breakfast crisp because it really is healthy enough to have for breakfast (with some protein of course)! But it is equally delicious as a light dessert, or an afterschool snack. It is really quick to make — whip it up in 10 minutes and bake for 40 minutes. As with most of my recipes, you can play with the ingredients and add what is in your kitchen, but here is a good list of fruits to start. I made it multiple times over the past month, the last time for valentine’s brunch. I hope you enjoy!


Berry Ingredients:

2 cups frozen strawberries
2 cups frozen blueberries
1 Bosc pear (I have also used an apple, or nothing at all)
½ cup pumpkin seeds (or sunflower seeds, or combination of both)
Combine the above in a small casserole and stir together. Put aside and mix up topping.

Topping Ingredients:

1/3 cup coconut oil (you can use butter, or half coconut oil and half butter)
3 Tbsp. maple syrup
1/3 cup coconut flour
2/3 cup oatmeal


Cream coconut oil with spoon and stir in maple syrup. Stir in coconut flour until smooth and then stir in oatmeal. Drop topping evenly over berry mixture. Bake at 350 for approximately 30 minutes.

Please try it and let me know what you think!


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