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Homemade “Cream of Soups”

Do you remember eating casseroles as a kid and your Mom mixing together pasta, canned cream soups and some form of meat or fish, and tossing in some vegetables? I used to enjoy those meals as a kid and I…

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Quick Hamburger Vegetable Soup

When I say that I cook from scratch I guess I'm lying a bit. I mean, I always have some convenience foods like canned tomatoes and containers of broth in my pantry. Yes, it would be nice to always have…

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Curried Apple Soup

For a different take on soups, try this one. The recipe is taken from Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, by Sally Fallon. This soup is delicious and all the spices give it complex flavors. If you find you are missing some of…

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Dusty’s Cabbage Soup

With wet and dreary weather expected over the next few days, I decided to make a large pot of Dusty’s Cabbage Soup. In case you're wondering, the picture above is Dusty, the Mom of one of my best friends, and…

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French Onion Soup

This French Onion Soup recipe is some good! It takes a bit of time to prepare because of the slicing and cooking of the onions, but it's certainly not onerous. Topped with toasted French bread and grated Swiss cheese it…

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Red Lentil Soup

There is nothing like a good hardy soup with a slice of homemade bread on a cold winter night. I love all sorts of soup, but one of my favorites is red lentil. It is easy and quick to prepare,…

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Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

I love black beans and this soup is absolutely delicious and so simple and quick to make. The recipe calls for canned black beans, but I used my own cooked ones that I simmered all night in a crock pot.…

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Dusty’s Cabbage Soup Recipe

This wonderful fall soup is made often in my home and even though I often tweak recipes to appeal to me and my family, I have not ventured far from Dusty’s original recipe. Dusty Demoe is mother to my wonderful…

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