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Changing Things Up

Changing Things Up

Since starting my blog I have written about healthy eating, the importance of supplementing your diet, and the benefits of exercising. I have thrown in some of my own recipes and shared some recipes of others. For the most part, my subject matters covered the “Body” and left out the “Mind” and the “Spirit.”

For those of you who don’t know what Holistic Nutrition is, it encompasses and helps to bring into balance the full person – Body, Mind and Spirit. A person can eat a really healthy diet but carry a lot of stress that might originate from their job, the people they spend time with, or simply not taking time for themselves. Stress alone can wreak havoc on your body and contribute to disease. So, going forward I have decided to cover a gambit of topics beyond tips on exercise and healthy eating.

I have been reading blogs for a few years now and the ones that I am most drawn to are those that are raw and authentic. For a long time I too wanted to be that way and express who I am and connect with like-minded people.

So, I have decided to write and share with you about a variety of things that fill me up and make me happy inside, like painting and decorating and living in a century home, and cooking homemade meals and treats for my family, and yes, there is sometimes white sugar and flour in them.

I want to tell you about the things that I find difficult but am still striving to get better at like exercising. Things that I am exploring and trying so very hard to build stronger, like my faith.

I want to tell you all these things because I am real and I struggle just like everyone else, but more often than not I just put on a pretty face and counsel about creating healthy habits.

For those of you that are only looking for new healthy recipes to try, or weight loss tips, or the importance of supplementing with vitamin D, especially in the winter, this blog will continue to provide those things, but it is my goal to make it richer and broader with interesting things to encourage lots of conversations. After all, creating healthy habits should be as much about finding time to do things that make you happy as about the healthy meals you put on the table.

I sincerely hope that I share something that will excite and motivate you to make positive changes for yourself.

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