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Health Tips & Useful Information – Daily

Health tips & useful information – daily

With the launch of my holistic nutrition business , I also launched myself in social media to impart health and wellness tips and information to my followers. On a daily basis, Creating Healthy Habits is providing the necessary information for people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Through this, I have also begun connecting directly with people who have specific heath concerns as well as those who wish counsel and information on a holistic approach to improving their health.

If you haven’t already, consider following me on Twitter and Facebook, and connect with me on LinkedIn. Let’s begin to seriously talk about preventative health to live your best life. We will be sharing medical and health information and the latest in health and wellness news. Here are direct links to my various accounts:

My Twitter feed – @LisaonHealth

My Facebook business page – Creating Healthy Habits

My LinkedIn profile page – Lisa George, R.H.N.

Also, current followers will know that the premier edition of my monthly newsletter – Habitually Yours – was just delivered. Consider joining my newsletter mailing list – you can do so here – and you will receive my e-book “10 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today” 

So, please join me on-line – let’s talk health! I look forward to our many healthy exchanges!


(This is a re-post and originally appeared in Lisa’s Blog in November 2015.)

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