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Developing Healthy Habits For Weight Loss

Developing Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Incorporate these top 10 healthy tips to stay on track of your weight loss goals:


  1. Stay active. An hour a day is really all you need. You can do that through different activities throughout the day. An important key to weight loss is to build muscle so find ways to incorporate weight bearing exercises into your routine.
  2. Set goals. Remember, it is a constant process. Achieve one goal and celebrate, and then set another.
  3. Keep track of your weight, food intake, and your activity to measure your progress and to keep moving in right direction.
  4. Prepare for those special occasions because life happens. With proper planning, you can enjoy your trip or special event without falling off your plan.
  5. Prepare for plateaus and slip ups that will occur. When weight loss slows or stops, it doesn’t mean the program isn’t working, it just means your body is taking a breather or you might need a few adjustments in your diet. Stick with your program and you will pass the plateau.
  6. Be boring. Research shows that people who eat similar things every day actually are the most successful at weight loss.
  7. Eat breakfast every day. Many believe that skipping breakfast helps you lose weight but the opposite is actually true.  Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism making your body slower at burning calories.
  8. Eat lots of veggies. They are the best low calorie high nutrient food on the planet.
  9. Drink lots of water. It is good for you, it helps you feel full and it helps with your digestion.
  10. Phone a friend anytime you need a little help staying on track. Friendship is one of the most important tools for all of us to sustain our weight loss goals. Better yet, have a friend jump on board with you!


Continuously doing these 10 things all adds up to a better healthier you!


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