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The 4 P’s Of A Healthy Lifestyle

The 4 P’s of a Healthy Lifestyle

Would you like to feel better, lose weight and keep it off, and develop habits that set you on a path to a healthier life? If you start to take small steps every day to incorporate the 4 P’s into your life you will be starting down the path of a healthier you.

So what are the 4 P’s of a healthy lifestyle?

  • Portion Size
  • Produce Consumption
  • Process Food Intake
  • Pleasures of Life

It really doesn’t have to be complicated incorporating these four P’s – just keep these thoughts top of mind when you are shopping for and preparing food, dining out, and living life.

I don’t believe you have to deprive yourself of things you enjoy, like a glass of wine, good quality cheese, or a square of dark chocolate. If these things make you feel good then by all means enjoy them – I certainly do! The key is to take a close look at what you are currently doing that is sabotaging your health. Consider each of the 4 P’s and make adjustments in your daily routines to reap real health benefits.

Portion Size

Instead of always going back for seconds out of habit, serve yourself an appropriate amount of a well-balanced meal, including a serving of protein, a complex carb and a healthy fat. If you are used to always having two large plates of dinner, start slow and cut back to two smaller plates, or one normal serving and just a small amount for your second serving (if you think you need a bit more). Over time, if you are consistent in your actions and in your mind, the habit of having two large plates will begin to change and you will eventually be satisfied with one serving of dinner.

Produce Consumption

The average North American consumes less than half of the recommended fruits and vegetables per day. Produce is full of antioxidents, vitamins and minerals that feed our cells and satisfy our body. Produce consumption makes our skin and nails look better.  Because you get a huge amount of nutrients for the number of calories, eating lots of produce keeps our waist lines thinner. Produce builds health and wards off colds and flues. Find creative ways to up your produce consumption. Look at the number of servings of fruit and veggies you currently have in a day. Every day, add one more serving. To begin, ensure you have at least one serving of fruit or vegetable with your breakfast, lunch and dinner – and then add to that each week.

Process Food Intake

Unfortunately, in North America processed food has become a way of life. It is advertised everywhere as the thing to eat, when in reality, it doesn’t belong in our bodies, but rather on a warehouse shelf. It is deemed as food to eat when you are too busy to cook (pizza, drive-in restaurants, frozen dinners), food that is necessary when you are celebrating an event (chips, hotdogs, beer, slushies at hockey games), and as the only food picky eaters will eat (French fries, chicken fingers). Overconsumption of this so-called “food” destroys health, causes chronic disease and leads to obesity. Take a close look at the amount of processed food your family eats in a week, and make a decision to change that. Put a plan into place where you begin to eat quality food every day. It doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza, just make it yourself with real food. Make your own French fries in the oven with quality oils. Yes, it takes a bit more effort, but the rewards in how you look and feel will be an inspiration to yourself and everyone around you!

Pleasures of Life

What are your pleasures in life? Are you experiencing them? Life is something to be enjoyed. I recently read a quote by a successful business woman that stated she considers herself successful by the amount of pleasure she has in a day, a week, a month, a year. Experiencing pleasure builds health, makes you happy, and the more pleasurable things you do, the more you want to do! Pleasures mean different things for different people, so it is important to find what brings you pleasure in life and go out and experience it.

So now that you are equipped with the 4 P’s of a Healthy Lifestyle, incorporate them into your own life and reap the rewards!

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